Buy Thunder Joint – Gassy Rockstar Online in the UK


Thunder Joint – Gassy Rockstar

What is in a Thunder Joint?

  • 1 gram of premium Indica cannabis rolled in a Raw Cone
  • Coated with 98.99% THC distillate
  • Coated in THC premium kief
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Buy Thunder Joint – Gassy Rockstar Online in the UK

Buy Thunder Joint – Gassy Rockstar Online in the UK

Gassy Rockstar marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant marijuana hybrid. The breeders of this kush remain unknown. The herb is a perfect balance between relaxing body buzz without deep sedation and a strong cerebral high without the energy boost. RockStar buds delight the senses with a grape and spices aroma mix. This weed is moderately potent, beginners should take caution not to overconsume. Gassy RockStar marijuana is best for nighttime use, due to its strong sedative properties.

Gassy RockStar marijuana strain induces a very balanced body-mind high. Calms the mind, improves focus, and prompts giggles. Alleviates depression and stress. It helps to control pain and nausea, and boosts appetite. Followed by deep body relaxation and laziness.


Users of Rockstar weed generally report using this strain for those laidback and chill evenings. Users in the marijuana community report that when smoked, they feel the initial onset of a cerebral buzz that uplifts their mood. This may cause users to feel extremely happy, so happy that in fact, they might want to get up and do something. Despite that small boost in motivation, users will find themselves feeling heavier and heavier as time flies since the Indica effects will take hold.

Once that body buzz fully takes hold, users find that euphoria has also washed over the entire body. This will leave users feeling lazier and wanting to remain sedentary. At this point, it’s best to find a place to sit down and relax, or even lay down and have some snacks handy. You might want to start watching a new movie. This strain is recommended best for nighttime use.

Medical Effects

The medical marijuana community has reported that the Rockstar Kush strain is effective in alleviating stress, anxiety, and pain. Almost immediately after smoking, users report feeling at ease and relaxed. This helps with stress and any anxiety-causing worries you’ve had up to that point. Thanks to the euphoric and mood-lifting effect of Rockstar weed, users report feeling in better spirits. Also, due to the sedative effects of Rockstar strain, this may help with chronic pain.


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