Buy RSO Romulan Oil 5ml Online UK


RSO Romulan Oil 5ml

This high-end cancer-curing RSO(Rick Simpson Oil)  has been independently tested. it contains over 77.95% cannabinoids, including 73.50% THC!

Experience the Power of RSO Romulan Oil – 5ml. Elevate Your Wellness Journey Now!



Buy RSO Romulan Oil 5ml Online UK

Buy RSO Romulan Oil 5ml Online UK

Phoenix Tears, also known as RSO, Rick Simpson Oil, or Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil, is a strong, concentrated form of cannabis extract. This Phoenix Tears, RSO, Rick Simpson Oil contains about 75% Indica, currently offered in the formats of 2 ml and 5 ml in a Polypropylene “Eos” dispenser with green thread.

Romulan being an Indica dominant strain, is a highly powerful narcotic-like stone. Romulan brings great therapeutic benefits. It can provide its users with intense cerebral effects. For those suffering from nerve damage and muscle spasms, Romulan can effectively provide its users with deep, sedative relaxation. This strain usually offers a full-body calm effect, with impressive intoxicating properties.

The Romulan strain is a squat, pine-scented plant, that produces dense, frosty buds. Most of its users report getting help from this strain in dealing with stress, pain, depression, and insomnia. Users can also find themselves overcome by sleepy-like laziness. It is also known to effectively stimulate appetite.

Phoenix Tears is usually indigested by either applying some onto a finger, nut, or cracker. It helps to consume a fatty snack with it because it can help increase the bioavailability of THC.

They are often used in creating Topicals or Tinctures, and also in the making of edibles. This will lead to a higher amount of cannabis taste than in the form of a distillate.

If you think this may be the right product for you, you can easily buy RSO Romulan online in Canada.

Understanding the Impressive Properties of Cannabis

Cannabis can be characterized as a great miracle worker, and here is the reason why. Cannabis offers impressive health benefits. It contains CBD, which impacts the brain in a way that helps it function better, helping it to get in a high productivity and creativity state.

Cannabis has proved to be extremely efficient in the relief of chronic pain. One of the biggest medical benefits of cannabis has been linked to fighting cancer, with the potential of improving the symptoms caused by cancer. It is also widely used by those suffering from depression, as endocannabinoid compounds in cannabis have the capability of stabilizing moods, which brings ease to depression.

Many of its other impressive benefits include regulating seizures, mending bones, helping with ADHD/ADD, and regulating and preventing diabetes. It can help alleviate anxiety, slow the development of Alzheimer’s Disease, and manage pain caused by arthritis. It can provide relief to those suffering from multiple sclerosis.

It is known that cannabis has been effective in treating inflammatory bowel diseases, reducing side effects pertaining to Hepatitis C, and increasing the effectiveness of the treatment, and it can also help with tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease. It can also help those dealing with PTSD symptoms.

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