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“Nugtella: Rich Chocolate-Hazelnut Cannabis Delight. Try It Now for a Unique Flavor Experience!”

Nugtella is a chocolate hazelnut spread similar to the much-loved nutella… only difference is this has the twist of being infused with shatter. They contain 1000mg per tub.



Buy Nugtella Online in the UK

Buy Nugtella Online in the UK  “Indulge in Nugtella: A Chocolate-Hazelnut Cannabis Delight Nugtella, the cannabis-infused chocolate hazelnut spread, offers a delectable twist on a classic treat. Dive into the world of rich flavors and cannabis-infused goodness with this unique and indulgent spread.

Decadent Flavor: Nugtella combines the luscious taste of chocolate and the nutty goodness of hazelnuts, creating a mouthwatering experience that’s perfect for any time of day.

Cannabis-Infused Bliss: With carefully measured cannabis extracts, Nugtella offers a controlled and enjoyable way to incorporate cannabis into your culinary creations.

Versatile Pairing: Whether you spread it on toast, use it in baking, or simply enjoy it with a spoonful, Nugtella adds a burst of flavor and euphoria to your favorite snacks.

Crafted Excellence: Made with quality ingredients and precision, Nugtella promises a consistently delightful and satisfying experience.

Unique and Delicious: Nugtella stands out as a cannabis-infused culinary delight, offering a unique and memorable twist to your edible cannabis adventures.

Indulge in the delightful fusion of flavor and cannabis with Nugtella. Whether you’re seeking decadent taste, controlled cannabis infusion, or versatile pairing options, this spread has it all. Try it today and savor the cannabis-infused goodness.”

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