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“Cubes: Bite-sized Flavor Explosions. Perfect for On-the-Go Snacking.”

Cubes are chewy sugar coated fruity, citrusy cubes. They contain 500mg per tub.

Directions: Take 1-3 sweets, wait for 1hr, and re-dose accordingly to the desired level. If the effects do not kick, just wait!

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, water, sorbitol, fruit cocktail concentrate, pectin, malic acid, citric acid & natural coloring.

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Buy Cubes Online in the UK

Buy Cubes Online in the UK

Cubes: A Flavorful Square of Delight bite-sized treats that pack a punch of flavor, and offer a convenient and delicious snacking experience. These little squares are your ticket to savoring a variety of tastes in every bite.

Bite-Sized Joy: Cubes are small, but their flavors are anything but! Each cube is a burst of delightful taste that satisfies your snack cravings.

Flavorful Variety: Enjoy a diverse range of flavors, from sweet to savory, in Cubes. They offer a selection that caters to different palates and preferences.

Snacking Simplicity: Cubes are the perfect on-the-go snack. Pop them in your mouth for an instant burst of flavor or incorporate them into your culinary creations for added excitement.

Quality Ingredients: Made with care, Cubes are crafted from top-quality ingredients, ensuring a consistently delicious snacking experience.

Timeless Appeal: Loved by all ages, Cubes are a classic snack that has been cherished for generations, making them a timeless choice for snacking pleasure.

Satisfy your cravings with Cubes. Whether you’re seeking bite-sized joy, flavor variety, or convenient snacking, these little squares have it all. Grab a pack today and experience a world of taste.”

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