Buy CLSICS (Live Rosin + Caffeine Gummies) – 100MG Online in the UK


Solventless Live Rosin Gummies | 100MG Total | 10x 10MG THC + 10MG Caffeine

Taste: Limeade, Citrus, Sour
Feeling: Energetic, Focused, Productive

As the first of its kind, this solventless live rosin gummy is infused with caffeine and vitamin B12 from all-natural ingredients with no artificial coloring or flavoring. This sativa gummy has the flavors of tart limes, tangy citrus, and sour lemonade infused with high-quality live rosin canna oil to provide a superior experience when compared to “regular” THC gummies. Designed specifically to help with focus and attention, this potent gummy gives a full-body, full-spectrum high that produces energizing focus to stimulate productivity with intense gaming or any other activity that requires extreme focus.

CLSICS is a premier California canna brand in San Diego, CA that is focused on producing full spectrum live rosin and rosin-infused products. Handcrafted by true connoisseurs with only ice, water, heat, pressure, and canna flower, CLSICS is guaranteed to be completely free of any residual solvents. Carefully crafted and perfectly pressed, the CLSICS proprietary solventless process is designed to capture the true essence of every cultivar selected. This results in an unrivaled aromatic and flavorful experience presented as solventless live rosin with complex terpenes. Live Rosin is made by collecting trichomes from fresh frozen material and applying low heat and pressure until the terpene-rich oil emerges, delivering true-to-strain flavors and authentic strain-specific aromas with a quality high. Solventless live rosin is the future, and the future is called CLSICS.

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Buy CLSICS (Live Rosin + Caffeine Gummies) – 100MG Online in the UK

Buy CLSICS (Live Rosin + Caffeine Gummies) – 100MG Online in the UK

“Elevate Your Senses with CLSICS (Live Rosin + Caffeine Gummies) – 100MG. CLSICS brings you a unique and exhilarating combination with their 100MG Live Rosin + Caffeine Gummies. Immerse yourself in the world of live rosin and the invigorating power of caffeine, offering a balanced and stimulating experience that’s perfect for those looking to elevate their senses.

Caffeine Infusion: CLSICS (Live Rosin + Caffeine Gummies) blends the boldness of caffeine with the purity of live rosin, delivering an energizing and uplifting effect that’s sure to awaken your senses.

Precise Dosage: Each gummy contains 100MG of THC and caffeine, ensuring a consistent and manageable dose for a high that suits your unique preferences and a caffeine kick that keeps you going.

Convenient Enjoyment: These gummies are designed for hassle-free and discreet consumption, whether you’re on the move or seeking a burst of energy at home, making them a favorite among cannabis and caffeine enthusiasts.

Balanced Euphoria: CLSICS (Live Rosin + Caffeine Gummies) offers a well-rounded and invigorating high, providing a harmonious blend of relaxation and alertness, perfect for enhancing your experience.

Crafted with Excellence: Made with top-quality cannabis extracts and premium caffeine, CLSICS (Live Rosin + Caffeine Gummies) is carefully crafted to ensure a consistent and enjoyable experience with every gummy.

Elevate your senses and savor the unique fusion of live rosin and caffeine with CLSICS (Live Rosin + Caffeine Gummies) – 100MG. Whether you’re seeking an energizing experience, a reliable dose, or discreet consumption, these gummies offer it all. Try them today and awaken your senses with the perfect blend of cannabis and caffeine, enhanced with a touch of magic.”


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